About wealth

About Consulting

About public speaking

Day 1

Mindie Kniss: Opening Remarks & Your Embodied Voice

Peter Bielagus: How to Get Started as a Professional Speaker

Dana Wilde: Training Your Brain for Success

Jim Pancero: What to Do NOW (During a Pandemic)

MicroClass 1: How I Got My First Speech (And You Can Get Yours)

Day 2

Sally Hogshead: Hall of Fame Speaker

Jason Goldberg: Going from Inaction to In Action

Ashley Stahl: How to Get a TEDx Talk

Winston Ben Clements: From Toastmasters to TEDx

Alex Charfen: Building a Business Around Speaking

MicroClass: A Tale of Two Speakers

Day 3

Russell Brunson: His Pre-Speech Ritual

Neeta Bhushan: How to Know When You’re Ready to Share Emotional Stories

Christian Mickelsen: Building a Speaking Empire

Kachelle Kelly: Why People Really Hire You to be on Stage

Jack Chen: Using Social Media to Boost Your Brand

MicroClass: You Be You

Day 4

Allison Maslan: Shifting to Virtual

Cameron Herold: How to Get Free Publicity

Jeanna Gabellini: Trusting Yourself on Stage

Mike Koenigs: The Playing Field is Leveled

Day 5

Chris Voss: Negotiation Before the Speech

Craig Clemens: The Simplest Formula for Crafting Your Talk

Jewels Duncan Hale: Butterflies Before a Speech

Brad Costanzo: What if you don’t have a unique/traumatic story?

Eben Pagan: It’s OK to Fail