Gospel parallels

Bellow you can see all the four gospels arranged in a graph. Every single episode is there that is mentioned in any of the four gospels. The order is the same as what you can find in their original context. The structure and the links are taken from a relatively well known work done by Kurt Aland in a table format.

On this graph all the nods are the events the gospels recall and the connecting edges are labeled with the exact location within the actual gospel with both the chapter/verse number pairs but also the percentage compared to the entire text. The colors help following each gospels along the way.

For the exact location labels I had to calculate the narrative time already taken to get to the actual point in the text. For that I used the database provided by Tyndale House (Cambridge) that lists all the words in the original language which I was able to count and hence see how far a certain event is placed from the beginning or the end. 

The purple nods signal those events where all the gospels meet. These are those intersections that all the authors felt were central to their stories consequently are central to understand what the story of the Gospel means.

The whole graphics is uploaded in SVG format, therefor if you save it you can reopen the file with any vector graphics software available. Feel free to play around with it, share it with others but don’t ask for money when you give it away! If you find ways to improve it please let me know and I will incorporate your ideas if possible.

Gospel Parrallels visualized